Taste of the Wild Review

Like many dog owners, I have tried my share of dog food. Well not personally, of course, but I’ve fed a good chunk of what’s out there to my dogs and I have to say that Taste of the Wild is one of the best foods out there for what it is. If you don’t know what it is, Taste of the Wild is a high-quality grain-free feed and it is one of the lower cost grain-free dog foods on the market.

I stumbled upon Taste of the Wild after changing my dogs’ food for the millionth time it seemed. No matter which food I tried, they always seemed to get really gassy. It was actually lowering my quality of life indoors, I really needed some fresh air. During my search for the perfect dog food, I found a lot of info out there about how a lot of our dog food in the US is filled with animal by products and corn. Actually the main ingredient in a lot of dog food is corn. Now dogs are omnivores so a little corn in their diet isn’t that bad but a lot is. And feeding them corn at every meal really isn’t for their system. Okay maybe it works for some dogs, but it was not working for either of mine, a lab mix and a pointer mix. I then started reading about grain-free dog feeds and how they are more natural. As the name suggest, they mimic what a dog would eat in the wild not that there are many lab and pointer mixes out there in the wild. We do know that the dog breeds we have today are descended from some species of wolf and while our dogs may look very different from wolves on the outside, the insides hasn’t changed so much. The digestive tracts of dogs are similar to those of wolves and other wild canines and how often do we see wolves chomping on ears of corn? I imagine it’s a very rare sight. The digestive system of wolves, and dogs, is built to primarily digest meat. This is why a lot of people tout the benefits of a raw food/raw meat diet for dogs, because it’s more natural. Some people disagree with this, I actually do agree that a raw meat diet is the best diet for dogs however, it can be a very expensive way to feed your dogs.

Enter Taste of the Wild, this is kinds of the jerky version of the raw food diet. It’s easy to buy and store than regular meat and it is also somewhat cheaper, although admittedly it is more expensive than a lot of grain-based dog foods out there. I think the prices is worth it though. Once I switched my dogs to Taste of the Wild, and they went through their somewhat gassy acclimation period of a few weeks, they ended up never have gas again on the stuff. Well not never, but very rarely as compared to the grain-based feeds I was giving them. They were also much more enthusiastic about feeding time. I know dogs will eat just about anything if you let them but I had never seen my dogs so excited for their own dog food until I started feeding them Taste of the Wild. It also made them pretty lean, this can be both a pro and a con. If you are looking to help your dog shed some pounds, feeding the recommended amount of this food may help them do that but because it is grain-free and thus has carbs to turn into fat, they may end up losing to much and you may have to supplement with something else. It depends on the dog though. I just ended up having to feed more to one of my dogs than the other.

As I mention before, Taste of the Wild is kind of on the low end of the grain-free or healthy dog food spectrum, low end in price and some say quality but I think it is pretty high quality. There are many slightly more expensive grain-free feeds like [Blue Buffalo] and [Canidaa] but Taste of the Wild is a good entry level feed and something you can stick with indefinitely if your dogs like it.

Taste of the Wild if a bit hard to find in the big box stores. I find that some local feed stores sell it, almost all Tractor Supply Stores carry it and it can also be shipped right to your home from PetFoodDirect.com or Amazon.com. So try a small bag out and see if your dogs like it.