Here I’ll list my upcoming projects.


So far the earliest this will happen is fall 2011.

Milking Katahdins:

I can ‘t find any info on this and I will probably just cover it on my sheep page but come back this Spring to see how this project is going.

UPDATE (3/12/2011): One of my Katahdin ewes had her first lamb and the milking has begun, please see the Milking Katahdins tab under Projects.

Solar Panels:

Electricity prices are only going to be increasing, so I figure it’s time to give solar a shot. I’ll have to start small. I will probably either buy a panel or two and create a separate outlet with batteries to plug in small appliances (tv,computer,etc) or try using one of those panels with built-in Enphase microinverter which makes the system expandable so one can expand by one solar panel at a time rather than having to install a whole bunch at once. This site has good prices on those expandable panels: