check out my spin-off website about the topic of milking sheep. I hope to add much more to it in the future. Milking dairy and non-dairy sheep is not common practice in the US but with time I believe more homesteaders will see the benefit for keeping sheep for meat, fiber AND milk.

backyard chickens
The forum of this website is a good place to get information about raising your own poultry. All kinds of poultry and poultry based topics are discussed.

homesteading today
This forum has a lot of topics tailored to the aspiring homesteader. It’s  a good place to share ideas about homesteading. Topics include all aspects of homesteading from finding land and raising animals to renewable energy and cheesemaking.
A new site I just discovered with detailed posts about how one can apply permaculture to their own property. I just started reading through this blog so I don’t have much to say about it yet but it looks promising.

Dairy Equipment:

My own company where I have begun to sell milking machines. I currently only offer milking machines for sheep and goats with one size shell and inflations but they are the most affordable on the market for what you receive.  All come with silicone milk lines and are use oil-less Gast vacuum pumps as their vacuum source. These milkers should last a lifetime with proper care.

Livestock Sources:

mcmurray hatchery
This hatchery probably has the largest variety poultry of any hatchery in the US. It’s good site to look through just to see what is out there. Some of their stuff may be dropshipped from other hatcheries. I ordered ducks from here and I believe they were actually shipped from metzer farms.

metzer farms
This hatchery is an excellent source for waterfowl.

holderread farm
I’ve never actually ordered from this hatchery but people rave about them. They sell a few rare or unusual breeds of waterfowl and also offer show quality stock. The owner of this hatchery also wrote “Storey’s Guide to Raising Ducks” which is an excellent resource if you plan on getting serious about raising and breeding ducks.

Apache Downs
This is a small farm that breeds show quality Nigerian Dwarf goats. My original buck, Bohemian Rhapsody, is from this farm. The owner is very knowledgeable about breeding, showing and raising Nigerian Dwarf goats.

Tiny Town Goats
This is a farm located in MD on the Delmarva peninsula. The owner breeds Nigerians Dwarf goats for show and breeds for milk production as she uses he milk her goats produce.

Local Resources:

If you live in or around Southern Chester County PA, here are some local resources you may be interested in…

Car Mar Farm
540 Street Road
Cochranville, PA 19330-9487
on 926 – ½ mile from 796

This is a hay/straw/bedding dealer located in Cochranville PA.
They offer a large selection of hay from $6 to $10 a bale. The hay is self-serve. Hours are generally 10am – 5pm Monday to Saturday with a few nights where the barns are open til 9pm. Exact hours are listed at the farm. No Sunday Sales

Cherri Knoll Greenhouse
169 Stoney Lane
Nottingham, PA 19362
610-932-9352 leave message

This is an amish farm located off Route 1 on Stoney Lane in Nottingham, PA. They sell seasonal plants year round but they are also a great source of cheap raw milk at $2.75 per half gallon and $4.00 a Gallon. I believe the cows are mostly grain-fed rather than grass-fed but this milk is still a much higher quality than what’s found in your local supermarket.