Okay so you like eggs, but what kind of eggs? Different kinds a poultry produce different kinds of eggs and they don’t just vary in size and color but also taste.


Chicken: a chicken egg tastes just like a chicken egg.
Quail: quail eggs also taste like chicken eggs.
Turkey: I’ve never had one but I have heard they taste like chicken eggs, however they are so rare people generally don’t eat them and prefer to hatch them instead.
Duck: Duck eggs can be an acquired taste. A scrambled duck egg will be firmer and unfortunately more rubbery than a scrambled chicken egg. This is because duck eggs contain more protein in their whites and when this protein is cooked, it’s makes for a much firmer cooked egg. Some people do prefer cooked duck eggs to chicken eggs, they also have a slightly different flavor. It’s hard to explain, it’s a fattier egg and so tastes fattier and richer than a chicken egg. Ducks are excellent for baking though. The extra protein adds loft to cakes. They make very good meringues because the whites
Goose: These are kind of a cross between a duck and a chicken egg. They are not as firm as a duck eggs when cooked and they also have a lighter flavor than ducks eggs. The majority of the goose egg is yolk and if you like yolk, this is the egg for you. There is very little white in a goose egg and the whites don’t have the same properties as those of duck eggs.

chickens have the most variety when it comes to egg color. Chicken eggs can be white, tan, chocolate brown, blue green, pink and any variation of those colors.

A few breeds of chicken that lay colored eggs are Ameraucanas(green or blue), Araucanas(blue), Black Copper Marans/Welsummers/Barnevelders (chocolate brown), Buff Orpingtons/Plymouth Rocks ( light brown), Leghorns/Polish (white), and Easter Eggers which are generally a cross of True Ameraucanas and some other breed, their eggs can be green or tan.

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