Black Copper Marans

Few people outside of the hobby farm world have heard of this breed but they are becoming increasingly popular especially with chicken fanciers. Black Copper Marans are a breed that originated in France. The hens tend to be mostly blank with a green sheen to their feathers and a color of copper colored feathers. The roosters can be quite striking, with a base of black feathers and shades of gold, copper and green feathers draping over the black ones. The roosters tail is a shiny dark green. The breed is very beautiful and would be great eye candy for any homestead. Although they are an attractive breed this is not why their popularity has increased. Their growing popularity is in large part due to the color of their eggs. They are brown egg layers but it’s a shade of brown not commonly seen in brown egg layers. A dark chocolate brown, which makes many brown eggs look almost pink or tan in comparison. A few other breeds lay eggs of this color the related Cuckoo Marans but also Welsummers.

The hens produce well, laying almost an egg a day, sometimes an egg every few days. A small family would have no problem meeting their egg needs with just a few hens. Some hens have been known to go broody very readily so they might even be an option for those looking to breed their own Black Copper Marans, without the hassle of the incubator. This breed is also integral in the creation of Olive Eggers. Oliver Eggers are a mix between Blue or Green Egg Layers such as Ameraucanas and Dark Brown Egg layers such as Black Copper Marans. THe cross breeds tend to produce a green eggs with gets coated with brown on the way out the chicken given an overall olivey color. They are quite interesting eggs and go well in a basket of various colored eggs.

The breed is also a large fowl breed that tends to be rather heavy and meaty. So one could raise them as a dual purpose breed. Now don’t for them to grow to butcher weight in 8 to 10 weeks like a cornish cross but the roosters will still provide a hearty and flavorful meal after a few months grow time. As you can see this breed is quite versatile. If you are interested in raising some of your own, you can find chicks and adults on craigslist or there are always people selling fertile eggs online if you are looking to incubate some yourself.

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