Smallholderhollow is my small little space on the web where I can talk about my small little space off the web, namely where I live. In creating this website, I hope that people interested in becoming a smallholder or homesteader will come gather some information to help get them started on their own smallholder/ homesteading adventure.

                Now you’re wondering what is a smallholder or what is homesteading. Well the two words are pretty much interchangeable, it just depends on what part of the world you’re from. Homesteading, taken directly from wikipedia, “may apply to anyone who follows the back-to-the-land movement by adopting a sustainable, self-sufficient lifestyle”. While Smallholding, also taken directly from wikipedia, “is a piece of land and its adjacent living quarters for the smallholder and stabling for farm animals, on a smaller scale than that of a farm but larger than an allotment, usually under 50 acres . It is often established for the breeding of farm animals on an organic basis on free-range pastures. Alternatively, the smallholder may concentrate on the growing of vegetables by various traditional methods or in a more modern way”

              If this is the sort of  thing your interested in, take a look around and contact me if you have questions. I hope to continue putting useful information about homesteading on this site but If you can’t find what you are looking for here, take a look in my Resources section for a plethora of links that I use or have used to get my self started as a smallholder.

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Looking to build yourself a goat milking machine?

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What about how to raise quail?

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